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Psychiatry and Physical Health 2017

Psychiatry and Physical Health 2017

Practical ways to improve physical healthcare for people with mental illness

07 Dec 2017

Psychiatry and Physical Health

7th December 2017, London

Full programme available!

This conference is targeted at all psychiatrists who wish to update their knowledge and skills in detecting and managing their patients' physical conditions.

As physical and mental health are inextricably linked, with many mental health conditions being associated with adverse physical consequences, psychiatrists are ideally placed to recognise and manage these symptoms.

Who should attend?

Psychiatry and Physical Health will be of particular interest to the following:

  • Adult psyciatrists
  • Child and adolescent psychiatrists
  • Old age psychiatrists
  • Liaison psychiatrists
  • Forensic psychiatrists
  • Mental health pharmacists
  • Mental health managers and leads
  • GPs
  • Hospital psychiatric nurses
  • Community psychiatris nurses
  • All trainees in these disciplines

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